22 November 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 22 November 2009

Bad review? Boom! Headshot, douchebag!

Had a pretty good gaming night. Went 21 and 2 on one game. And lost. I've noticed a lot of games are lost by people who run out and get themselves shot, at least in HC TDM. I don't fancy myself as being quick on the gun. On the contrary, I'm relatively slow, so I don't try to go up against the younger, faster guys when I can help it. Instead, I try to find an advantaged position and shot them from where they can't see me. It may irritate the run 'n' gunners, but it would have made my drill sergeants proud. :) There's always a lot of complaints about campers in CoD. Well, you know what's a million times worse? Someone who thinks he's a run 'n' gun god and actually sucks at it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man is it good to run across another 40 something that plays MW2. Feels awful lonely at times being out there with all the squeaky voices. LOL!

Joker961 said...

Go to http://www.2old2play.com/ to get with other older guys who play MW2, CoD4, etc.

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