23 November 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 23 November 2009

Visit the IW forums? Expect a lot of this.

The Infinity Ward forums have a lot of problems, like the screen cap above. BBcode sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Users log on and wind up in some other user's account. Forum threads on controversial topics have been accidentally deleted during editing -- twice. I sometimes wonder if folks who can't run a bulletin board properly can properly run a multiplayer game franchise. From the complaints from Aussie gamers, it appears that they can't... Managed to play some Modern Warfare 2 last night with a full crew which was a pleasure. We won most games, tho there were a couple of games (on Rundown and Highrise, and Terminal, IIRC) where we were beaten badly. We're all still learning the maps and weapons. We had some difficulties with a recently unlocked Javelin missile. Twice, right at the beginning of the match, a friendly Javelin nuked our entire team. After a couple of private matches, all the targeting issues were sorted out and we carried on. By far the most satisfying match, win-wise, was my last. We went up against a full party clan, which I always dread, on Skid Row. We tried to hold the spawn area, but we got cleared out. We reorganized at another location, near the loading bay and tunnel and held that general area and won the game. On to the links:
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