24 November 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 24 November 2009

Sometimes, seeing in the dark isn't a good thing.

Had a generally crappy gaming night last night. I wound up negative in a lot of games. My aim was off plenty. My reflexes were down, and, as is usual for me, the enemy managed to see and kill me before I could see them. We won most of the games, but it sure wasn't due to any of my efforts. Still and all, I managed to get promoted to 1st Lieutenant and completed a few weapon achievements. I'm getting a real kick out of the weapons, which is nice. I'm particularly intrigued now by the machine pistols. The Glock 18 is a lot of fun to use, even if it's somewhat less useful as an actual weapon. It's the only one I've unlocked so far, and I'm having a pretty good time camping and hosing people with it.
   I've got my custom class setups like this:

Slot 1: Whatever my favorite weapon is at the time.
Slot 2: For ranking up whatever weapon I'm trying out, plus one secondary.
Slot 2: Same, except for a different secondary.
Slot 3: SCAR
Slot 5: M4A1

   I'm trying to ignore complaints on the IW forums about this or that weapon being underpowered or overpowered. AFAIK, the only thing underpowered in this game is me. It's early days yet, but it feels just like CoD4's multiplayer, and I'm looking to do about as well on it. I'll be generally positive on KDR and W/L, but nothing to shout about. I should probably bite the bullet and play FFA to improve my aim and reflexes, but, jeez, the spirit is willing, but the flesh dislikes having its ass kicked. On to the links:

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