30 November 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 30 November 2009

Call of Duty: Muppet Warfare

   I avoided the Black Hole of Suckage on Saturday night's MW2 gaming fiesta. But I didn't exactly burn up the maps with brilliance, either. I really, really dislike getting knifed. :D A couple times, guys who otherwise weren't doing very well in the match had a field day knifing Matt64 and me. At least they didn't gloat about it in the lobby afterward.
   I noticed one feature in MW2 multiplayer does work: When you mute players, they're muted forever. Reibo and I have started muting shit-talkers and glitchers, and yesterday, a player popped into our lobby pre-muted. It's pretty sweet.
   One player who was on the enemy team on one match and our team in a subsequent match was a real douche. He started team-killing us and shooting our claymores. There's no party chat in TDM, so at least he couldn't tell the enemy where we were forting up.
   I got the ACOG on the WA2000, but the sway kinda sucks. It's way more pronounced than when that scope is mounted on the assault rifles. I had a hard time on Estate when sniping with it, missing immobile targets multiple times. We still won, and I managed to stay positive, but I might try other scopes to see how they work out. In that scenario, I found myself wishing I had picked an M16A4 instead. It seems really accurate with the iron sights. (One of the enemy, sounding all of 10 years old, said in the lobby, "I had an EMP I was going to use... You guys would have gone down!" Hah!) On the subject of the assault rifles, I made level 48 and unlocked the coveted ACR. With the iron sights, at least, the ACR is pinpoint accurate and seems to hit hard. The only thing I dislike a bit is the cross-shaped front sight post. The ACR actually gave me my best game of the night on Skid Row.
   We spawned as the Rangers, and we held the area near the loading dock against all comers. I got a nice string of kills with the ACR, popping guys in the tunnel, the fork lift garage, and the parking lot area. That game also yielded a stand-out moment of humor. One of our guys got the AC-130 and started raining steel down on the enemy. After the match, one of the shrapnel-laden enemy chimes in with: "They would pull out the AC-130!" I guess it would have been more manly to refrain from using a killstreak reward. On to the links:
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