01 December 2009

Morning Vent, 1 December 2009

"You don't scare me! Work on it!"

   I haven't had much of a "war face" the past few days. I feel very tired and out of it. (I'm going to try to caffeinate my way out of this rut. Java's brewing as I'm typing this up.) I had an incredibly hideous dream about using a light machine gun to mow down hundreds and thousands of people in some hall. It must have been some social function because they were all formally dressed, I think. I was child in the dream, to boot. I hid from the police in the building. Eventually, I came across a despondent security guard and tried to pretend I was one of the victims. "Did they almost get you, too?" I asked. Then, I woke up. WTF does all that mean?


Nathan said...

Time to take a break - play Peggle or something ;)

Joker961 said...

Thanks... I think it has to do with all the crap going on in my personal life. I'm not sleeping all that well, period.

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