01 December 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 1 December 2009

Call of Duty: Console Warfare

   Yep, that's an Xbox 360 controller that soldier is using to direct something (camera, gun, etc.) remotely on a battlefield exercise.  A case of life imitating videogame art... Given my legendary 10 thumbs handling of game controllers, someone else would have gotten that job on my fire team! 
   I think I've finally found a defensive strategy that works for me with the LMG. I've switched from Bling to Scavenger on my LMG class. I use the LMG almost exclusively on Highrise, where I'm even more static than I am on other maps, if such a thing is possible. With Scavenger, I was able to daisy-chain claymores to at least give an early warning. When we were driven out of our hard point tonight, it wasn't my fault. We won the game, and I was positive at the end, so I think that's how I'll roll on Highrise. Had a nice game on Favela, too, winding up 13/3. I held the middle down, moving back and forth from cover to cover from left to right. It was pretty hectic since the enemy was pretty much probing left (playground), middle (Pelayo's), and right (the corner with the pickup and hydrant) at the top of the hill. We held the heights long enough to get a commanding lead. By the time the enemy team was able to break our defense, we had several thousand points on them with a minute to go. One of our guys ventilated a guy through the 2nd floor wall of the Barber Shop to seal the deal.
   The dual shotty douche made an appearance on Favela; he hauled ass from the playground to the high ground in no time flat. Luckily, he didn't see me hiding like a little bitch behind the scrapped cars. I put a burst from an enemy M4 into his head as he ran around with his 1887s out in front of him like antennae. I was pretty content to go out on a win... 

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