04 November 2009

Morning Vent, 4 November 2009

She doesn't want your shit, either...

On the other hand, sometimes sequels can be as good or better than the original. Aliens wasn't better than Alien, but it was different in a very good way. And, it introduced one of my dream girls, Vasquez (portrayed by the boobiferous Jenette Goldstein, above).

Got an email last night from Zazzle.com saying that my Liv Tyler gag tee shirt was being pulled from the market. According to the terse legalese, the tee shirt violated her right to "celebrity/publicity ". WTF? So, I guess that every tee shirt with Brad Pitt's face on Zazzle has his personal OK, right? OTOH, the email did contain the words "Liv Tyler" and "violation" in the same sentence, so I was satisfied with that.

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