18 December 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 18 December 2009

 Acme™ infinite ammo glitch...

   Well, no MW2 again last night. I just don't feel up to playing anything. I got as far as picking up Battlefield off the shelf, but the idea of slogging though the config setups for the XIM360 was just too much for me. Reibo and I coughed our way through the Smoking Gun last night; it was 2 hours of dumbasses on parade, as Reibo calls it. We miss it for MW2 sometimes, but it was pretty primo last night.
   Infinity Ward is busy testing the latest title update, trying to stop the hemorrhage of glitches it unleashed with the last title update. Like the Dutch Boy of legend, it doesn't look like IW has enough thumbs to plug the software holes. The word from fourzerotwo is that the akimbo 1887 shotgun will be balanced. I hope that they don't get too carried away; sometimes tweaks to complicated software can have unintended consequences. There are a few Infinity Ward forum threads complaining about the Lightweight (move faster) perk being nerfed. According to a few posts, the speed improvement was reduced from 10% to only 7% in the last title update.
   It would be nice if they fixed the frackin' lobby system. World at War got it right. They fixed their lobby system so the party leader could back out the whole party. And, once in the game lobby, all the party (or squad, in W@W parlance) members had their names highlighted in blue. You could tell, at a glance, whether someone in your party didn't make it into the countdown lobby. That's a pretty handy feature considering the iffy nature of internet connections. I hope that IW sees the light and adds those features to the Modern Warfare 2 lobby system.

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