02 December 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 2 December 2009

   Saw a couple of threads of interest on the Infinity Ward Modern Warfare 2 forums: In addition to the dual shotty and track-star knifer annoyances, some bucketasses are boosting on free-for-all using the Tactical Insertion equipment item. They conspire with another player, respawning in the same spot and letting the other player kill them 25 times to get the Nuke. There's a kamikazi tactic with the Javelin which is getting some players annoyed.
   Call of Duty Classic is now available on Xbox Live, as Major Nelson reports. I'm a bit torn about getting it. I have enough trouble just dealing with MW2. I guss I'll eventually get it, if only to see how it plays on the Xbox 360 vs. my golden memories of the PC experience.
   I managed to get on and play a little MW2 last night. The Scavenger perk is pretty awesome for a camp-a-holic like me. I love the slurping sound effect you get when you pick up a resupply pack. I miss Bling a bit, but it's less effective when I'm rotating weapons around to rank them up. But I'm still working for a basic loadout that is effective for me. It looks like the M4 has the best sight picture for me, as far as the iron sights; I created a slot with a silencer & grenade launcher. The rate of fire is awesome, tho I wish it did a tad more damage. I switched the rankup slot to SMGs, alternating between the UMP and the MP5K. At typical distances (1/2 the map), I still manage to get hits while aiming down the sights. The real test will be when I unlock the RDS on those.
   I hardly ever get my own care package crates, and that's not because anyone is stealing them. Since we're usually in a defended position, venturing out to recover my crate usually nets me a bullet in the head. So, instead, I toss the smoke marker over to a group of team-mates so one of them can get it while someone else covers. I had a bad moment on Highrise when I got fragged recovering my crate. I launched a grenade towards the crate position to prevent the enemy from capturing it -- and gibbed 2 or 3 team-mates.
   Killstreak rewards are awesome -- if you live long enough to actually get one of the higher level ones. I don't and am not likely to do so. So, I'm sticking to 3/4/5 on the Killstreak rewards, figuring that a Predator missile which I can bring down on the enemy is better than a Precision Airstrike I'll never get. Not very ambitious, but I get the 5 kill streaks frequently enough that it's better to stick with it for now. On to the links:
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