10 December 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 10 December 2009

Call of Duty: Sticks and Stones

    I've had little luck getting to play Modern Warfare 2 this week. But, in between missions at the HQ, I've surfed YouTube for more bucketasses posting glitches. I happened across teamkiller0703's YouTube channel. And, judging from his gamercard, he's still playing CoD4, W@W, and MW2. I guess that the ban last year from fourzerotwo on CoD4 was pretty futile, since he's still on Xbox Live screwing over fellow players. Re-reading some of the thread replies, I'm still astonished at how some of the Timmies applaud his rampant douchebaggery on Xbox Live.

   He's said that he's not violating the Xbox Live Code of Conduct or Terms of Use. He doesn't use his mic, so he never actually interacts on that level with other players. All he does is teamkill them. It's all harmless fun, teamkiller0703 maintains. He only targets those who will really get upset, to get a reaction out of them, and then he posts the results on YouTube. 
    Is TKing wrong? Are there limits of behaviors in games? To me, team-killing is just as wrong as using the Javelin glitch. It's using an aspect of the game in way which it wasn't intended to be used by the designers. Maybe it's because I'm an old guy, but I can't see spoiling another person's fun as a harmless good time. It's the gaming equivalent of other socially unacceptable behaviors, like loud talking at the movies. Over and above that, if someone is playing the game, killing the virtual enemy, what right does he have to interfere with that?
   In his first W@W video, made during the beta (!), he notes that W@W has a three TK limit, so "you have to make those first two really count".

   Infinity Ward failed badly by not incorporating some 3 strikes and you're out rule into Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer. I haven't seen that much intentional team-killing on MW2 when playing with randoms, luckily. I've been playing mostly on full crews, and I actively avoid playing unless I can get on a full crew. It limits my playing time, but it also keeps it from being spoiled by bucketasses. On to the links:

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