10 December 2009

Morning Vent, 10 December 2009

Update, 1619 hours: Well, I barely got thru the DOL meeting. The DOL rep nicely cut it short since I was looking and sounding like death warmed over. I'm going to have to skip going out tomorrow night. I'll hit the hay as soon as I can tonight to get some more rest.

   Well, I never got online last night. I developed a nasty little cold which I hope doesn't get any worse. It's Rick's birthday on Friday. Reibo and I have the gifts lined up, but we haven't wrapped them up yet. Friday is also the NXP alumni dinner; hopefully, I won't be contaminating all those folks with this cold. Today, I have to make a mid-day run to the DOL. I hope to be able to do some shopping on the way back, time permitting.

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