17 December 2009

Call of Duty and Gaming News, 17 December 2009

  Matt64 had a good Modern Warfare 2 gaming night; Reibo and I were both still on the DL. Matt sends this:

On Quarry I shot up the enemy team so bad I got to call in the attack Chopper (7 kills in a row) 2 times in that game. I was 16 and 5.
Next game was Favela; I shot up the team so bad when we went into the alley
The guy I shot up said, hey Matt and you got all your kills by shooting me. I said not you nailed me a few times and it just worked out the way. Everyone laughed I said good night and as I was shutting down he sent me a friend request so he must not be too pissed.
   Nice to see someone doesn't hold a grudge against someone who has a Sudden Burst of Skill™. On to the links:
  More Gaming Links:


r4 dsi said...

First of all just want to say that your header was really funny...
Now back to the game Cod loved all the ps3 support those modern warfare 2 ads were throwin round not even one logo.ouch. but hey, the’re giving away a statue. kinda feels like the hug at the end of step brothers.

Joker961 said...

(Sorry for the late reply. The comment alerts have been landing in my spam bin.)

Thanks much for reading and commenting. That statue looked pretty awesome. :)

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