13 January 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 13 January 2010

My XIM360 sensitivity settings...

    From lotus13 of 2Old2Play: Inside an Infinity Ward developer's meeting:

IW Dev #1: OK, team, we're almost done with the game, but how can we extend the life if it so we don't have to create any DLC, or develop a new one?

IW Dev #2: We could just 'port the maps from the last one over as a DLC pack!

IW Dev#1: We're already on that one, but I like the way you think.

IW Dev#3: How about creating a secret time-travel level that takes them back to the WaW maps?

IW Dev#1: No, that would require programmer time and we're all heading out for vacation. Plus, it would create an implicit acknowledgment that Treyarch did OK, and we'd lose a shit ton of geek cred.

IW Dev#4: Oh! Oh! I know! Let's just mod the skins and a couple of weapons and make a caveman mode with sticks and rocks and stuff!

IW Dev#1: Security! Get this jackass outta here.

[IW DEV#1, QUIETLY TO HIS ASSISTANT]: *Actually, get a team on that right away, but make sure my name is on it*

IW Dev#1: Come on, people, we need answers here! The beach ain't gettin' any warmer!

IW Dev#2: Man, if only there was some way to make people just play through the same shit over and over again.

IW Dev#1: Wait, what did you say?

IW Dev#2: I said it would be nice if we could just get them to replay the same thing again and again, without us actually having to do anything.

IW Dev#1: You are a fucking genius. But we'll have to find some way to make them actually want to do it.

IW Dev#3: Hey, my kid got this G.I. Joe last Christmas that had a bunch of unit insignia stickers. We could just let them start a sticker collection.

IW Dev#1: Perfect. Frank, scan that shit in and let's get out of here. I have an appointment for a colonic before I leave and I don't want to be late.


    Cool, huh? One VietNam flick I didn't mention in the past 2 blogs because I haven't seen it in this century: Hamburger Hill. It's been more than 10 years since I saw it, and I don't remember a blessed thing about it, other than Courtney Vance is in it. I have the DVD somewhere. Once I see it again, I'll revisit the CoD: VietNam/movies topic.
    While Reibo rested from his labors, I managed to hook up with Matt64 for a couple of hours of Modern Warfare 2. It was my first time roaming with my Joker961 gamertag on an Xbox 360 memory unit. I played on my old 27 inch Samsung 1080i (I usually game on a Samsung 24 inch 1080p). As the girls will tell you, three extra inches make all the difference. I really liked the bigger FOV better. Plus, the ergonomics of my own computer desk are much better than the gaming cubbyhole in Reibo's man-cave.
    It was Matt64 and me with 4 randoms. Everyone else was apparently doing something else.  We played 11 matches of hardcore TDM, pretty much losing every other match, even tho we were rarely negative. Almost all the losses seemed to be caused by somone on our team going majorly negative (and, luckily, it was hardly ever us).
    We started out auspiciously on Wasteland as Spetznaz (we seemed to be spawning as the opposing forces all night), where I went 9/2 thanks to the SCAR-H equipped with thermal. We were in a lobby with some (apparently) Arabic-speaking players. They all quit after they got fragged a few times. They didn't seem to have a bad connection. One of their party got split up on our team, but he seemed to be playing fair, which was a nice change of pace.

    Matt64 had a scorching game on Highrise, mowing Rangers down with his trusty RPD and going 22/11. My own highlight came on Skidrow, where 3 Rangers ate my predator around the corner from their spawn area, which we'd taken over. It was pretty super-delicious to have one of my team-mates go, "Hey was that a triple-kill?" :D Sadly, all good times must end. On the last game, I went 2/5 and we got outrageously spanked as the OpFor on Afghan. I rage-quit after that match. We finished with with 6 wins, 4 losses, and 1 suspicious draw on Terminal where a team-mate might have been sand-bagging to help his buddies.

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