14 January 2010

Morning Vent, 14 January 2010

     Everything old is new again. As a kid, I used to love Eerie magazine. One of my favorite features was the time-traveling gunslinger known as The Rook. (Although Restin Dane, the Rook, was cool, my favorite character was his gunfighter ancestor, Bishop Dane, who carried a brace of Navy Colts.) Joystiq reported yesterday that The Rook has been optioned for TV, film, and gaming.
     Today, hopefully, is shopping day. Reibo and I will venture forth and pick up some supplies.
     The Insignia Blu-Ray turned out to be pretty clunky for Netflix streaming. The Xbox 360's interface for streaming is quicker, has more shortcuts, and it allows you to resize the picture. Regular 4x3 aspect ratio shows (TV size picture) will leave black bars on either side of the screen. Watch enough and the image can burn in. Usually, with the Xbox 360, you can just zoom to fill the screen, avoiding any burn-in. The Insignia forces you to either watched it stretched out, giving the actors squished heads, or change the TV aspect ratio to 4x3, leaving you with the same burn-in potential.

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