15 January 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 15 January 2010

YouTuber jwr89's lucky claymore shot!

    Tonight is Modern Warfare 2 night! I've been whoring One Man Army lately. (No, not for tubing.) I've basically got things laid out with the SCAR-H as the primary on all my classes. One has the grenade launcher; one with thermal scope (for maps like Wasteland), one with silencer, and one with the RDS. I'm going to sit down and figure out which ones to ditch so I have a better variety of match options. I already have a seldom-used SMG class that I might sacrifice, as well.
    As is a venerable Joker tradition, any time I've had to go on the run, I've gotten fragged. I'm in a quandary whether to just accept that my 48 year-old reflexes aren't going to get any better or to resign myself to incessant ass-pounding to get better at the game. At this point, I'm inclined to the former. My twitch play days are behind me. (Unless, of course, I hit lotto and suddenly have all the time in the world to just play on the Xbox... :D)
    Teamwork is the thing. I'm not some uber-player, but I can co-operate, communicate, and support my team-mates. I try to do nothing stupid that would hurt the team's chances of winning. Sure, personal stats are important, but the thing is helping the team win. I hate when I have a really good game and still lose the match. 
    I'm wondering whether I should just quit hardcore, too. I don't think I've ever seen a hardcore Modern Warfare 2 (or CoD4, for that matter) video. Thinking on it now, I don't think the uber-players who post their vids would do as well on hardcore. I constantly see the YouTube guys shooting straight at their team-mates to get the enemy behind them, throwing frags, or tubing blindly at a mass of both friendly and enemy players. You just can't do that on hardcore. You'll be punishment-killed and sent to the long-respawn timeout jail in a jiffy. Killstreak items have less of an impact in hardcore for one major reason: You can kill your team-mates accidentally with them. On the rare occasions I get the AC-130, it's less about raining death down on the enemy, than avoiding atomizing my team-mates.

    I'm not saying hardcore is better, it's just different. I like the uncrowded HUD of hardcore. (Though, I think Infinity Ward should have the compass on the hardcore HUD to facilitate communication and teamwork; I tweeted JD_2020, the Treyarch CoD: WaW community guy, about this, FWIW.) The non-hardcore game puts a premium on aiming, since the health is so much higher (100 vs. 40 pts.). I like that I can kill in one shot from an SMG. My aim sucks, so I tend to pray and spray, and that doesn't work as well on non-hardcore. But, then, non-hardcore players never have to worry about accidentally massacring their team, either.
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