16 January 2010

Morning Vent, 16 January 2010

Matt complained that we haven't had
any cute girls lately, so... 

     The Modern Warfare playdate went pretty well. Things got pretty sluggish after the meal break. It didn't help me that I slugged down a Buttery Nipple. Ah, well. It was good to get together and kick some ass with Matt64 and ReiboChief, anyway.
     I also got a chance to play MW2 with one of my old work buddies, MisterDestro, which was a blast. I heard from another old friend, JKDJose, before we got playing. He's finishing up his CoD4 Gold Cross, which means he's got way more determination than I do. :) I'm looking forward to partying up with him after he finishes his CoD4 tour of duty.

     It'll be a late update today to the main blog, as Reibo and I are hooking up with our older brother Rick to go to a computer show this AM.
     Update: 1315 hrs. Well, the computer show was pretty sparse, but not too bad. Not many vendors on the post Xmas show. I'm still on the lookout for a quality, PS/2 only mini-keyboard. The XIM360 needs to have Vista booted up with driver verification toggled off, and I need a PS/2 keyboard for that. (USB keyboards aren't recognized until after the POST.) I'm currently using a full-size PS/2 keyboard which hangs about 1/3 the way off my keyboard shelf.

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