20 January 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 20 January 2010

Before she was AbFab...

    Girl gamers on Xbox Live get hassled a lot. One of Reibo's regular crew gets insulted a lot while she plays. She invariably tries to be friendly with everyone in the lobby, but she's cursed with skill on CoD, WaW, and Modern Warfare 2. (In MW2, her win/loss is in the high 4s., IIRC. Mine, for purposes of comparison and ego deflation, is 2.23 in MW2.)
    Apparently, a lot of insecure guys really, really can't stand having their asses virtually kicked by a girl. As a big fan of Vasquez from Aliens, Alice from Resident Evil, and Selene from Underworld, I fantasize about having my ass kicked by a girl, especially with high heels on. Some Internet Tough Guys, tho, have issues with having their clocks cleaned by a female. They tend to vent their frustrations in the post-game lobby. Some girl gamers, OTOH, turn to YouTube to vent their bewbies frustrations.

I'm going straight to Hell. In a flaming chariot.

    Most interesting was the link's name change. This young lady had originally posted her vid with the title Modern Warfare 2 + Girl Gamer. When the sun came up the next AM, she had retitled it Modern Warfare 2 + Girl w/ Boobs. Of course, no one on YouTube uses the word "boobs" to generate hits, right? On to the links:
    More Gaming Links:
    Non-Gaming Links:

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