21 January 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 21 January 2010

This "dd" is all that's left of this morning's original blog. While putting the finishing touches on today's blog, I accidentally backspaced over the whole thing and somehow typed "dd". Then, Blogger hooked me up by auto-saving my screw-up. See, it auto-saves like 10 secs after you stop typing, so whatever you've got on there is it. How I do the blog is that throughout the course of the day (or night, if I happen to have insomnia or wake up unexpectedly), I surf for links online to add. Sometimes, I'll add a bit of commentary here and there, too, to have a block of text before the links. It's impossible to do the blog in one sitting, but, if I did, it would represent hours of total work. So, to have it all wiped out by a typo is pretty damn annoying... *sigh* Back to square one:

(Picking a picture for the day...) Well, Matt64 would prefer a girl with a gun, so we'll go with that... I originally had Bridget Fonda's version of La Femme Nikita, but let's go with the real thing, Anne Parillaud, who is magma-hot:

Then, I'll write a clever remark in italics.

    And, after the pic, I typically write something about the game I'm currently married to, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I have to admit I've strayed a bit. I had a one-night stand with Battlefield: Bad Company. Unfortunately, that unfaithful harlot ran off with ReiboChief and I've hardly seen her since. I actually got to play some more Bad Company today. Love the weapon detail a lot. I really like the sight pictures on most of the weapons; there seems to be a great deal of realism and graphic detail for a game published 2 years ago. I think the dialog and storyline are pretty run of the mill, but the action is very good indeed. It doesn't have the take-it-in-the-asspipe feel of the Call of Duty games where bullets come flying in from all directions. And the player maps are huge. You can actually flank your AI enemy and make them take it in the asspipe for a change. When I die, it doesn't give me the overwhelming feeling of being ripped off by the game like every Call of Duty game ever.
    I got as far as the helicopter run, and I was promptly mowing down trees and crashing the heli in the river, killing all on board. I've only played one helicopter game, Comanche, and the AI instructor spent large amounts of game time insulting my complete inability to fly the heli. I've got a feeling I've got a long miserable learning curve on the helicopter on Battlefield: Bad Company. Maybe I can get Reibo to fly the goddamn thing for me. But I digress. (And now let me take a moment to save this blog. There.)
    If I recall, my bulk of my nuked blog entry was about my frustrated desire to snipe in MW2. At one time, I had a sniping class as one of my rank-up slots. I had plugged the WA2000 in there, getting as far as unlocking the ACOG. (Excuse me a moment while I go back this up. There, I'm done.)  Recently, some forum discussions have popped up discussing the merits of the WA2000 and the M21 EBR sniper rifles. I read about how cool it was to use the ACOG... Well, I find the sway on the sniper rifles excessive. It seems to be less with the ACOG, but still too much for my modest skills. I totally understand that it's for game balance reasons, that if the sniper rifles were like the assault rifles in terms of perceived sway, they'd essentially be instagib death rays. When I was trying to snipe, I got kills a lot more reliably (and at equivalent distances, mind you) with the M93R Raffica tricked out with the silencer and FMJ.
    I'm currently a SCAR-H junkie. To me, that assault rifle is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It has minimal sway and recoil, is accurate in tap, burst, or sustained fire, and it's rock steady with the ACOG. I rotate silenced, thermal, ACOG, and silenced with the Stinger. I've put my 1st slot back to an LMG slot with the LSW on there, just to give it another chance. I used the LSW a bit, but I didn't really like it. Hopefully in tomorrow's playdate MW2 party with Matt64 and Reibo, I'll get a chance to put some more miles on it. 
    A user on my blog commented that IW should make a grenade-launcher-less playlist. I've love to see a tactical playlist with no perks, no claymores, or launchers. There's at least one thread going for a Team Tactical on the IW forums, but no feedback, official or otherwise, on whether it might be doable. IW has a lot on its plate already. After the DLC is done in the Spring, if things hold true to form, whatever state Modern Warfare is in at the time will be it. It'll be time for IW to launch its next project rather than fix bugs and glitches tinker with MW2. When I've written enough (or, perhaps, too much), I'll type: On to the links:
    More Gaming Links:
    Story of the Day: Kermit the Frog causes bomb scare.

Kermit surrenders to authorities.
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