24 January 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 24 January 2010

Dog tags have never looked better.

    As noted in today's Vent, I had an unexpected bout of Modern Warfare 2 last night. I did modestly well, all told, and incredibly better than yesterday's bottomless hole of suck. I played with Reibo and 4 of his regular crew, winding up 14/2, including one where most of the party never made it in, and I had to back out of the match.
    The game that ended my streak was Karachi. I had had a lackluster game on Highrise just before that, going a meagre 3/3; but there wasn't much need for me to do much. Everything was covered pretty well, and the other guys won the match 6200/4500, tho the enemy pressed hard against the left and right flanks of the Ranger spawn area. Naturally, there were a couple of sore losers on the other team complaining about camping, and one of our guys answered back. We went into Karachi next, spawning as the OpFor, and we started getting our clocks cleaned right off the bat. I went 1/6 in that game, getting shot wherever I went.
    The enemy had all the advantaged positions including most of the rooftop area around the chicken coops, where I usually like to fort up. We lost 3600/5800. And that's why I never talk any shit in the lobby to anyone. I absolutely hate when someone talks shit to me, so I don't do it to anyone. Yeah, it's sweet trash-talking when you win, but trash-talking and then getting your ass handed to you in a basket sucks!
    I was on the point of quitting for the night there, but I wound up going one more game. We spawned as the Rangers on Scrapyard. I ran over to the right of the spawn area and put down two claymores. Somehow, an OpFor got in and knifed me. It went like that for a while, and I actually died 5 times in a row. My team-mates were having similar problems spawning into enemy fire and in front of claymores. One of our guys literally spawned into an enemy at melee distance. (Thanks for fixing those spawns, IW!)
    Then, we lost one player due to a connection problem and we were suddenly short-handed. Another player dropped off, leaving us 4 vs 6. A couple of randoms spawned in, saw the score and left. Big Bad Wolfe 3 was able to reconnect. When we started spawning over by the power station, I claymored the lower offices and moved to the second floor, covering the power station left, warehouse 4, and the middle plane fuselages. We had one Ranger on the left side of the offices, one center, and Big Bad Wolfe 3 forward center near the plane fuselages, so we had overlapping fields of fire over about 70 percent of the area immediately forward of the office building.

    Once we were securely positioned and able to provide mutual supporting fire, the tide turned. With the M16A4 with the grenade launcher, I was able to put indirect fire into warehouse 4, where the enemy was staging prior to flanking left or trying to infiltrate thru the plane fuselages in the center. We wound up winning that game 7500/7300, and, for once, I'm taking the credit. I was 13/5 after a string of 5 deaths, and I snagged the killcam drilling an OpFor as he peeked around the corner of the power station. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. :)
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