25 January 2010

Morning Vent, 25 January 2010

 What might have been...

    When we were on our midnight shopping extravaganza on Saturday night, Reibo and I saw some Jets party supplies at Walmart. For a mere $2.00, you could get 8 Jets-emblazoned paper plates or 16 napkins. I wonder if they'll be half-price today... *sniff*
    Man, things got off to a really encouraging start. But the turnovers...
    And the Saints, well, they played a good game, but they were undoubtedly helped by one huge Favre turnover interception and especially some questionable ref calls. I've never been a fan of the Vikings (or Green Bay, for that matter), but I've always admired Brett Favre. He shoulda stayed a Jet.
    So, Colts vs. Saints for the Super Bowl, gang. No word if we're doing anything special at the HQ. I'll chat with Reibo about it today.

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