25 January 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 25 January 2010

Sweet 16... M16, that is!

    Before Sunday's Modern Warfare 2 break, I was plowing through the Battlefield: Bad Company single player. (And by "plowing", I mean running the helicopter into every tree branch, light pole, and mountainside in reach. Have I mentioned how much I hate flying games? It's been a long time since Comanche and even longer since Wing Commander.) As I blogged before, I find the graphics pretty dang good for a two year old game. 
    Battlefield: Bad Company has a feel similar to the Novalogic Delta Force series. The terrain maps are huge and you can seemingly walk/drive/fly forever (or at least until you reach the forbidden edge of the map where you'll get pulverized by a magical enemy artillery barrage). Like the Delta Force games, it has some slightly annoying features: The enemy AI is pretty dumb. Not quite as bad as the Novalogic "Twit of the Year" AI where they'll stand stock still all the time waiting to receive your bullets, but it's pretty close. Despite this, they'll miraculously target you through foliage that's impossible for you to see through. Or, like Novalogic's Delta Force enemies, they'll target you perfectly though they're microscopic specks on the horizon. But all is forgiven because you can flank.
    Yes, on Battlefield: Bad Company, you're rarely funnelled into a single approach to an objective. Often in this game, I've gone around the edges of the maps to line up headshots on unsuspecting enemies. I've put anti-armor rounds into armored cars from the high ground, killing multiple enemies at once. On the Monastery mission, I spent a half hour sprinting, crouching, and jumping to inch my way up an all but sheer cliff to reach the monastery outskirts. It was awesome that the game didn't force me down one path to get to the objective. Yes, the game's awesome because it doesn't cheat you. It actually lets you use tactics to get through a level, instead of blindly running through CoD-style and trusting luck to get you through a withering hail of bullets. And there's a savage satisfaction to sneaking up on an enemy outpost, meticulously lining up the sights, and watching the guard crumple after you've put a sniper round through his helmet. And that, no doubt, says something dubious about my character. :D

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 Today's featured Modern Warfare 2 YouTube vid:

Why couldn't I do this to enemies in MW 2 SP?
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