26 January 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 26 January 2010

Safety first! she's keeping her finger
out... of the trigger guard!

    Yesterday, I mentioned the Delta Force series of games in comparison to my current single player on Battlefield: Bad Company. I continue to be amazed at the gameplay similarities between the two game franchises. Check out this YouTube vid of Delta Force Xtreme from 2005:

Posted by TAWpilot07

    Note the large size of the terrain map; you can approach your target from any direction. Notice at 1:15 how the speck-sized enemy instantly targets him as soon as he comes over the hill. Note how at 1:33 the enemy who could not possibly have seen the player shoots at him anyway. Battlefield: Bad Company's enemies do the same. The graphics are different obviously, with Battlefield: Bad Company being several generations ahead of this Delta Force game. (Battlefield: BC does make use of the same drab 3 room house about 5 bajillion times, tho.) But, gameplay wise, they're cousins of a sort.
    I'm pretty close to the end of the Battlefield: Bad Company single player campaign. There was a rough section where it seemed I would get stuck trying to make it to the objective. I had two boats sunk under me, two tanks blown up, and armored car incinerated, and numerous dune buggies reduced to scrap metal.
    I'm now at the "blowing the bridges" section, which Reibo tells me is the hardest section of the game. I got distracted by shooting enemies, and I failed to blow any bridges, causing the mission to fail. That's where I hung up my mouse and keyboard for the night. I'll hit it again tomorrow and try to blunder my way through.

    On to the links:

Featured Modern Warfare 2 YouTube vid by SeaNanners

    More Gaming Links:

Machinima Battlefield: Bad Company 2 "Squad Rush"

    Non-Gaming Links:

I really had a blackout!

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