26 January 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 27 January 2010

She's gonna show you her... guns!

    Single player is all very well, but multiplayer is what I really enjoy. I've been playing the Battlefield: Bad Company campaign for a while now; overall, the game has fewer "Oh, wow!" moments than the Call of Duty games. You rarely find yourself stunned by some visual image playing BC. But the basic gameplay, frankly, is better than CoD. If the wow factor of the CoD games could be blended with the superior single player gameplay of Battlefield: Bad Company, you'd have the perfect military single player shooter.
    I'm weighing whether I should try out the Bad Company multiplayer. See, I can usually only be married to one game at a time for multiplayer, and right now that's Modern Warfare 2. Yes, I know: A shooter is a shooter is a shooter. Each game has its own feel and rhythms to it. When I play one regularly, I fall into the groove of it, and it's disorienting as Hell when I switch to another one and even more disorienting switching back.
    In the past, the transition back and forth has been really painful. When I first got engaged to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on the PC, I used to also play a lot of Half-life deathmatch and Unreal Tournament 2K4 on the PC also. Half-life deathmatch I loved, but it always irked me that I could empty a whole magazine into another player, he'd shrug it off like nothing, and kill me with a .357 Magnum headshot. UT 2K4 I also enjoyed a lot, but I played it against bots. I never played long enough to ever ramp up the difficulty much. Bad enough to get your ass kicked by a human being; it's degrading to be pwned by a bypassing cloud of electrons. (Remember this, tho: Loque cheats.)
    So, I'm going to try and finish the single player for Battlefield: Bad Company and then, I'll decide whether I want to cheat my current mate, MW2.
    On to the links:

Wasteland TDM, AK-47, 31-3, by NSASTAR 

    More Gaming Links:
JeuxVideoPC thru BASHandSlash: Bad Company 2 single player footage:

    Non-Gaming Links:

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