09 January 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 9 January 2010

Family resemblance, don't you think?
     Hot rumor for the day is linked below. Hot on the heels of the rumor mill thrashing about Modern Warfare 3 being made by another studio and Infinity Ward pumping out a Call of Duty MMO is the rumor that the promised DLC may take the form of an expansion pack, rather than maps as is traditional with CoD DLC. My guess would be that the DLC would be more Spec Ops missions, rather than any advancement of the Swiss cheesy Modern Warfare campaign story line. 
    One of the comments that got DXed on my gaming blog by a rogue spam filter on my email was from The Rock (no, not that one), who made this really cool MW2 suggestion on 12 December:

Here's a thought since today is the Army-Navy game (hey, I know it is mainly a game for the officers to brag about)- why don't they have an inter-services tournament or event for the active duty and retired, equipped with branch clan tags?

Just a thought since a lot of us sailors pretty much play this game to death as well!

12 December, 2009 15:16

    His comment made me think that former service guys should try to party up together and play. I'd bet that some pretty formidable MW2 teams could be fielded, since military guys (and gals, I'm sure) usually have a feel for the give and take of tactical play. In regard to The Rock's suggestion, I sent a tweet to fourzerotwo about it, saying that a sponsored inter-service MW2 tourney would be great for the troops and really nice publicity for IW. On to the links:
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