09 January 2010

Morning Vent, 9 January 2010

Glenfiddich in a dram glass.

     Yesterday was a sad day, but it felt good to be there for Matt, God bless him. Reibo's leg started hurting after about an hour, and this coincided with an influx of visitors, so we took our leave then. I had a couple of shots of Glenfiddich and drifted off to sleep early. (Thus, the ultra-early Vent and news update.)

     Looking at my email spam bin, it looks like the alerts to blog comments have been flagged as spam, along with the Nigerian phishing attempts and penis enlargement ads. (I have to remember to unflag those!) The alerts used to pop up in my email whenever anyone commented (bless those of you who do). It looks like whatever algorithm decides what is and what isn't spam put the banhammer on the comment alerts starting in December. My apologies to you folks who so kindly commented. I wasn't ignoring you on purpose. If you blog, you know that comments are potent ego-boo, and I rush to respond. :)

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