23 January 2010

Modern Warfare 2 HC TDM, 1/22/10

     It was a marathon session of MW2 last night. Once more, I opened a Black Hole of Suck, but was saved from ignominy through the efforts of more skillful team-mates. Early on, we were short-handed, and we had a tight game going against some smack-talkers who'd beaten us on Quarry. Matt64 saved the day with a last second kill to get us a draw that prevented complete humiliation. After that we had a full crew and all of them were way better than me. Once the full crew was on, we won every match except one on Favela in which a team-killing douchebag spent the whole game posing for enemy bullets and grenading us. That dickwad went 3/19, ensuring the enemy victory. (Thanks, IW, for not getting rid of team-killers -- again!) After that, Matt64 and I merrily rode the uber-player coat-tails of ReiboChief, Big Bad Wolfe 3, Koala Lama, The Beancheese (who replaced Koala when he dropped out due to connection problems), and Canuckulhead.
    I was afflicted with sluggish reflexes most of the night despite copious quantities of caffeine. The caffeine made me torqued out, but not faster. I was on an accidental team-killing spree early on, too. In our 3rd game on Skidrow, Matt64 made the game-winning kill with his newly unlocked M14A4. In that game, I popped Reibo in the feet as he ran down the tunnel toward the 2-story building by the Ranger spawn parking lot. He was in a ghillie, and no tag was visible, so he got his feet blown off by my SCAR-H. Barely two minutes later, in the forklift garage doorway, I plugged Big Bad Wolfe 3 in his ghillied ass. Again, no tag was visible. On Highrise, a couple of games later, I was camping the Spetsnaz side with the SCAR-H with ACOG. I managed 3 accidental TKs in that game. Reibo ran up the stairs and passed in front of me just as I loosed a burst at an enemy in the Ranger building. The bullets passed thru Reibo and killed the enemy. Totally not my fault, I swear. I did it one more time to another team-mate, same scenario, and I hit the TK trifecta by drilling Big Bad Wolfe 3 as he ran in front of the Spetsnaz building.
   Wolfie recovered from his Joker961-inflicted bullet rash to have two really good games on back-to-back Highrise matches where I brought nothing to the game. He went 27/3, gifting an enemy with the awesome Predator Hat. He got a headshot with the Predator missile. He followed that up by sniping his way to victory in the next one. Matt64 back-to-back high positives in those two matches, too, covering the right side of the spawn area and dealing death with the RPD. Matt64 also had a smoking game on Invasion, going 15/7 and earning a Stealth bomber that unfortunately dropped its entire playload into the river.
    I had two little moments in the sunshine the whole night. On Estate, I had a Sudden Burst of Skill™ and went 17/2 with the silenced SCAR-H. I made my last stand over by the boathouse, covering the front entrance of the Spetsnaz house. Guys kept coming across the front of the house and getting mowed down. Near the end of the game, I got my attack helicopter, which got the game-ending kill for the kill-cam and my OG achievement for calling in helis.
   The Beancheese had one game on Terminal, with us as the Rangers, which amazed us all. He was the Angel of Death with the MP5K. He went a little forward towards the plane area and mowed down so many that he ran out of ammo twice. He picked up an enemy M16 and then a SCAR-H, going 38/5 with the game-winning killcam.

   That game was particular satisfying for the entire team. Two matches before a dude, Gold137, had started up with the camper smack talk. Canuckulhead had gone 10/2 on Invasion, and he was pretty happy with that. Gold137 essentially told Canuckulhead that his team was going to kick our ass in the next game. I went negative along with everyone else except Canuckulhead and Reibo, who went 26/4 (with the game-end killcam) and 14/7, respectively, ending the game 7500/4800. Amazingly, Gold137 continued with the smack talk, promising more ass-kickings.

   After that we went into a Quarry match, where I had one more little moment of sunshine. On Quarry, I went 14-0 by moving around the 2-3 buildings near the SAS spawn and putting down claymores behind me. Anyone who got past my claymore got picked off by the silenced SCAR-H. Canuckulhead sealed the deal 7500/5000, going 19/16, but getting the game end killcam.
    I had Mr. Gold137 muted right from his first bout of verbal diarrhea, but my team-mates told me there was silence after his third ass-kicking. As the clock ticked away in the lobby for what would most certainly have been Gold137's fourth ass-kicking, he dropped out. Everybody went "Awwwwwwwww!" The night's final tally, thanks to Reibo and company, was 24 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw.

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