29 January 2010

Morning Vent, 29 January 2010

    As noted in yesterday's Vent update, I got snowed out of the interview yesterday. We're rescheduled for Monday, the day before Groundhog Day. :)
    Slow news day at the HQ. As a friend suggested, I started a 9 day novena praying for St. Jude's intercession. If nothing else, I feel more at peace. That's saying a lot.
    Plans for the day include some food shopping and some more of the Xbox Live Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer demo. Reibo has been reminding me that I need to make the home-made Tequila Rose plus make another quart of the home-made Irish Cream. Today might be a good time to do that, too.
    Tomorrow, we're scheduled for an MW2-a-thon, so I'm really looking forward to joining forces with Matt64 and Reibo for some hardcore team death-match.

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