29 January 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 29 January 2010

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    Well, I got my feet wet with the totally unexpected and very awesome Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Xbox Live multiplayer demo. I heard of the demo through the intertubes grapevine and had it before Major Nelson tweeted about. :) I didn't know at the time of the download was that it was a multiplayer demo! Expecting a single player demo, I was surprised when the menu loaded and I saw the magic words "Quick Match".
    I played a few matches, but I didn't get much traction. I'm going to keep playing the demo for a while to see what happens. I don't know yet whether the Battlefield series is my cup of tea, tho I'm certainly going to buy it for the single player. I really enjoyed the Battlefield 2: Bad Company single player. (In fact, I restarted it on hard today. :D)
    Reibo and I quit playing the BC2 demo for a meal break at around 9PM. While I was eating my Pierre microwaved angus cheeseburger, my friend JKDJose sent me a chat request. We wound up playing MW2 for an hour, and my 2Old2Play bud, Gasdaddy2531, joined us in progress. GasDaddy had a really good game on a really tough match on Sub Pen. He actually won the game, too, snagging the winning kill and the killcam. It was a tight match; we only won by 2 or three kills. For the record, I went 15/9, and I camped hard. Every time I could lay low with my silenced SCAR-H, I did. :D 
    A couple of random douchebags who joined us our team on a Rundown match objected to our (Reibo's and mine) camping ways, as well as our liberal use of One Man Army. It came to a head on an Afghan game, where one of these 2 douches went 6/16 and complained that Reibo went 14/0 by using OMA and the grenade launcher. Mind you, these weren't random tube kills. Reibo was direct tubing seen enemies with it, as well as making aimed indirect fire kills. These two douches talked non-stop thru three matches, clogging up the comms horribly. Things degenerated into incessant swearing and cursing as these two carried out a dual monologue about One Man Army and camping. JKDJose dropped off for the night before this crap, then GasDaddy followed due to intermittent connection problems. I'd had enough douchebaggery from incompetent randoms for one night, so I quit as well.
    Today's featured MW2 vid is another one from SeaNanner, this time with a dual commentary. Note that his Pavelow is shot down after a few kills; his Chopper Gunner gets shot down, also, but he did have time to get a number of kills using the chopper's cannon. On to the links:

Featured Modern Warfare 2 YouTube Video

SeaNanner's Afghan TDM, ACR, Dual commentary
    More Gaming Links:
    Non-Gaming Links:


Anonymous said...

No matter how you spin it, OMA and grenade launchers are always cheap. Even people that say they arent, really think so. Feel the dirty

Joker961 said...

Doesn't bother me one bit as long as everyone in the game has access to it. Don't want to use it for some imagined purity of the game, don't. We'll carry on.

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