30 January 2010

Morning Vent, 30 January 2010

    It's frackin' 4º F outside! No wonder I was chilly last night.
    I meant to play some more Modern Warfare 2 and the Bad Company 2 yesterday. I never made it any further than working on my XIM 360 config for the Bad Company 2 Xbox beta. Around mid-afternoon, I tried to warm up to go online. I resumed the Battlefield: Bad Company single player on Hard, trying to work up the mojo for some multiplayer. Turns out the spirit was willing, but the flesh wanted to go to sleep. I'm hoping to make up for it on today's game-a-thon.
    Marketing types are dopes sometimes. Whose genius idea was it to rename the SciFi Network "SyFy"? (Anyway, "scifi" is a kiddy term. Trufans know that it's supposed to be SF.)
    Xbox Live CoC enforcer Stepto tweeted this:

Stepto:I still can't read "SyFy" without thinking it's something you need to treat with Penicillin. "I have the syfy"

    And he's right. It looks stupid. It looks like what it is: A lame attempt to appear trendy and hip.

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