19 February 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 19 February 2010

    I love watching gameplay vids. Even the bad ones can offer some helpful pointers on what not to do in a game. Today's featured vid is another episode of Top 5 Plays by GameplayUnited.

Featured MW2 YouTube Video

Top 5 plays, Episode 9 by GameplayUnited.
  • VG247: Lace up your jungle boots: Casting call for CoD 7 mentions SOG in VietNam.
  • GamerHeadlines: DICE versus Activision rivalry heats up.
  • There's a feeding frenzy as the gaming news sites are jumping to the conclusion -- as I first did -- that the AC-130 barrage of death seen in assorted YouTube clips was some kind of in-game exploit. Neoseeker and StickSkills are both echoing the news, but neither article points out that the cheats depicted require a JTAG modded Xbox 360. And, like Hitler on Xbox Live, the cheating douches will get the pummeling they deserve from the Banhammer.
    More Gaming Links:
    Zero Punctuation reviews Mass Effect 2

    Non-Gaming Links: 
  • RadarOnline thru Digg: Megan Fox thinks she doesn't look good in underwear. Hmmm. Girls, with tattoos, less is more. An ankle tattoo of the Grateful Dead teddy bears is cool. A billboard ad on an otherwise flawless buttcheek isn't. Guys, do whatever with tatts. It doesn't make any difference unless you go batshit crazy with them, like this guy:


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