06 February 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 6 February 2010

    Well, I did it. I prestiged. Right before bedtime, I booted up Modern Warfare 2 and did it. I played for about an hour with Reibo and got to level 6. I hope with today and tomorrow's game-a-thons, I can get back the Cold-blooded and Ninja perks. Cold-blooded is especially important on hardcore, since as soon as the UAV comes on, I get lit up like a Christmas tree from every corner of the map. On one game I was 6/2, got fragged, and got spawn killed 4 times in about 2 minutes to finish 6/6. In a couple of games, I was totally Predator bait. I couldn't take a step without getting shot in most games. In one particularly memorable death-a-thon, I got killed by an enemy and then had insult added to my considerable injury by spawning directly in front of the same enemy's claymore. I miss my favorite guns a lot, but I'm sure I'll enjoy the unlocked prestige-level challenges and the extra slot.  On to the links:

Featured Modern Warfare 2 YouTube Video

Lucky ricochet knife kill by UrPimpinGrandpa.

Top 5 Plays, Episode 7

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