05 February 2010

Morning Vent, 05 February 2010

Say Hello! to my lil friend! And her big gun, too!

    Tho we accomplished the shopping mission, I never made it online yesterday, as Reibo and I decided on the spur of the moment to hit our local pub. We have a birthday get-together next week for a former work-mate of mine who's turning fifty, so our trip last night was a recce of sorts. But one that involved a lot of downed pints and joyful tunes played on the jukebox. It was a really good time, tho we didn't stay out as late as we usually do. I was feeling a bit tired, so we bailed around 9:30.
    Cigar of the night was a no-name cheapie from Holt's. Regardless of the bargain-basement price, it was a nice smoke. Holt's is the best source for cigars. Its prices are decent, but, best of all, UPS delivers the smokes to the HQ Bunker the next day.

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