15 February 2010

Morning Vent, 15 February 2010

Nice... uh... guns you have, girls!
    I managed to play for a couple of hours before the pain in my metacarpals, wrist, elbow, and shoulder made me quit. It was a pretty lousy gaming night for me, as I went prominently negative in a couple of games. I was primarily responsible for a close loss on Favela, going 8/14. In that match I was 0/7 at one point. I've never seen the Pain Killer death streak bonus so many times. Ever. We only lost by a few kills, but it was way more than my negative spread, so it was my fault. I eked out a last-minute flurry of kills trying to take the high ground, but it was to no avail.
    I think that sometimes trying to retake the advantaged spawn is an error. And, on Afghan, I purposely stayed at the Overlook (above the plane wreck) when we got driven out of our initial spot outside the cave entrance. We won that game, IMO, because we didn't try to take the better tactical spot and, instead, formed a defensive perimeter when the spawns flipped.
    I started keeping track of stats, but I lapsed after the first couple of games. I had no really stellar games, but I did get a lot of weapon challenges and unlocks done last night.

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