16 February 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 16 February 2010

    Today's YouTube vid has more general chit-chat than actual commentary on the gameplay, tho it's a really good video, IMO.

Featured MW2 YouTube Video

Modern Warfare 2 FFA, Quarry, MP5K by ThatGuyWhoCamps.
  • Cheaters do get their due, eventually. Recently, an Xbox Live user who was receiving solicitations for 10th prestige lobbies over and over decided to take matters into his own hands, kinda: He started messaging the cheating douchebags that an Xbox Live member with the gamertag The Pro was interested in a 10th prestige lobby and that he (the cheating douchebag) should send The Pro an invitation. Well, you can see where this is going: The Pro is one of the leading head-crackers on the Xbox Live Policy Enforcement Team. And the bans and suspensions have begun rolling out.
  • Has the anti-care package patch already been broken by the tireless wall-humping Timmies? As seen on this thread on XboxAchievements.org, some players are reporting some version of the care package glitch is still around.
    Even more seriously, there might be another huge-ass glitch:

Tweeted yesterday by 75design
    I posted a thread on this over at the 2Old2Play forums, and one of the forumers identified it as a JTAG-modified Xbox, which were previously (and still may be) used for 10th prestige cheating.

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