16 February 2010

Morning Vent, 16 February 2010

Nice LMG... Needs some perks!
   I woke up unexpectedly around 2AM last night. Reibo invited me to join him for some Modern Warfare 2. Since we were short with only 4 players, we played some 4-on-4 3rd Person Tactical, playing Team Death Match, Domination, and Capture the Flag. After some disorientation, I got used to the 3rd person a bit, doing OK on CTF on Terminal and Scrapyard. I went negative in a couple of Dom matches, but they never capped the point my team-mate and I were controlling. Things went smoothly -- until we got our asses handed to us 3 games in a row. And, it was 4 games in a row for me, since I got thrown by myself into another match and had to back out.
    A couple of the losing lobbies were really poor connections. On one yellow bar game on Estate, I couldn't seem to hit anyone, even from close range. Demonic joined us for a few games for regular hardcore TDM, which was a welcome relief. We managed to win all those engagements, even with a couple of randoms offering human targets to the enemy team. Still, I can see the fun potential in 3rd person. It's definitely a different game; not my cup of tea at all, but OK for a change of pace.

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