09 February 2010

Morning Vent, 9 February 2010

"Reach out & touch someone..."

[Update @ 1545: Just getting up again now. After breakfast, around 9ish, I had a bout of nausea and the runs. I felt a little relieved after getting it all out and I laid down to see if it would pass. I'm only now getting up and around. Still feel woozy, tho. I'm going for some tea and gonna lie back down.]
    As mentioned in the Links, it was a deeply dissatisfying evening, MW2-wise. I got an email from JKDJose, and he said, the next game after I bailed, the clan douches were glitching care packages again. I don't get it; I can't understand the mentality of someone who cheats that way...


JKDJose said...

I just found the xboxlive banned and suspended forums. It's funny how a bunch of these people are saying they did nothing. I hope they continue this even after the patch comes out.

Joker961 said...

Yeah, if I had a nickel for every post "Suspended for no reason", I wouldn't need a job.

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