11 March 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 11 March 2010

Last night it was Call of Duty:
Guinness Warfare

    Apart from some tut-tuts from EA, nothing new on the Infinity Ward/Activision lawsuit. We have the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 DLC to look forward to, tho. And, as noted in the first Bad Company 2 link below, another round of VIP DLC is due on 30 March 2010, the same date as the MW2 DLC is due to it Xbox Live. Coincidence? I think not. :D On to the links:

Featured MW2 YouTube Video

Fastest nuke ever; 2:00 mins
Setup? You decide.

MW2 Myth Madness 2010 announced
by defendthehouse
    More Gaming Links:

BC2 Hardcore DM by

    At the end of the vid, TheSandyRavage has a title card that says "It's a fun game that shouldn't be compared to MW2." Absolutely right. The game is different, not better per se. Some folks may like one more than the other, but it's apples and oranges. So, don't slag off either game if you like one better. :D

BC2: Advice for MW2 Players

    Non-Gaming Links:

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