10 March 2010

Morning Vent, 10 March 2010

Two of my very favorite things...
Well, three, technically.

    Well, between the DoL meeting and a minor plumbing problem, I never got on to play any more Bad Company 2. I hope to get caught up today, tho.
    I heard from the insurance company yesterday. They're going to give an estimate for the storm damage/losses and we'll go from there. It's all pretty clear cut: They have a standard estimate for food spoilage. The big items will likely be the collapsed garden shed and tree removal. We'll see how it goes... If all goes well, I hope to hoist a few down at the pub tonight. Last time, I rather overstayed, and I had the headache the next day to pay for it. I'd like to avoid that this time. I've got an urge to have some Guinness tonight, too. :D

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