12 March 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 12 March 2010

    Short featured vid today showing a weird connection fail during a knife killcam. Also threw in the first part of an IGN series feature Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer tips. It's pretty basic stuff, but since it's hosted by the luscious Jessica Chobot, it goes down easy. (Goes down easy! *snicker*) On to the links and vids:

Featured MW2 YouTube Video

Cool knife killcam with laaaaaggggg.

Late-to-the-party MW2 newbie tips
from IGN featuring
the luscious Jessica Chobot

Cool in-game software glitch:

Heartbeat sensor not working

    More Gaming Links:

    This vid features a dual commentary offering some interesting bits of info on Bad Company 2 multi-player tactics and approaches to gameplay. Be forewarned: Woody's co-commenter is Wings of Redemption, who's sometimes sufficient for some folks to steer away from a YouTube vid.He's pretty key-low in this vid, tho.

WoodysGamertag BFBC2 Dual Commentary w/ Wings of Redemption

Top 10 Halo Kills, 10 March 2010
    Non-Gaming Links:

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