12 March 2010

Morning Vent, 12 March 2010

More Kate Nauta... Never enough!

    Gaming day today! Should be going online for some Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer around 2-3PM. I've been off my usual gaming schedule lately, bothered with other stuff, so I hope to make up for it today. Looking forward, too, to the DLC for MW2 coming out at the end of the month. Two of my favorite CoD4 maps, Crash and Overgrown, are rumored to be recycled for MW2. I always enjoyed camping Granma's Attic on Overgrown and the two story garage on Crash, so it should be fun to try that on MW2.
    I still haven't gotten back to the Bad Company 2 campaign. I'm off gaming generally lately, I guess. It just doesn't seem much fun lately to me.

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