13 March 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 13 March 2010

    A little over 2 weeks before the Modern Warfare DLC release! Despite my many disappointments with the glitches and cheaters of MW2 multiplayer, I'm still excited, especially if a couple of my favorite Call of Duty 4 maps are revamped for MW2. Although many folks prefer only new content, I really like a mix of the old and the new. UT was always good at achieving that mix. Either Epic would have touched-up classics pre-loaded or the mapping community would whip them out in short order. After all, what's UT without Deck 17?  I couldn't find video of the classic Unreal Tournament Deck 17, which was teh awesome, but here's the UT3 PC version:

Deck 17 UT3 PC Gameplay

    Today's featured vid is a Throwing Knife only FFA by SeaNanners, tho he does use the melee knife twice in the game. On to the links:

Featured MW2 YouTube Video

SeaNanners' Throwing Knife only FFA on Rundown

360Cinema's Top 10 Kills Episode 1
    More Gaming Links:
    Non-Gaming Links:

360Cinema's Top 10 Halo 3 Splatters

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