13 March 2010

Morning Vent, 13 March 2010

Summer Glau... Terminate me, baby!

    I managed to get on for a few hours last night -- before I once again got cut off by a power outage! We had just finished our pizza break, and the lights started flickering. After about 10 mins, they went off for good. The wind that had kicked up during the storm caused a branch to hit a power line and apparently blow a transformer somewhere down the line. The lights did come on after a couple of hours, but it was a pretty nervous night for Reibo and me.
    What gaming there was was pretty good. It was fantastic to get together with Reibo and Matt64 again after our long drought. I was pretty sucktacular in a couple of games, but we were short 2-3 regular players during the whole session. I managed to get a lot of challenges done, tho, including one sweet Ninja Pro challenge where an enemy player literally walked into me around the corner just in time to eat a burst from my SCAR-H. Because he was close enough to kiss, it counted as a Ninja distance kill. Woot! Another sweet moment was a flash bang impact kill from 5 feet away on Favela. A dude was running up from the playground area and I was running down the stairs and thoomp! he took the grenade in the chest!

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