19 March 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 19 March 2010

Boosters beware: He is the law!

    Watched TheSandyRavage livestream for a while last night, since my wrist, elbows, and shoulders were hurting me. He played Bad Company 2 rush for about three hours and then some MW2 FFA. The BC2 play mode was Rush, and there were some good plays. A lot of comedy, too. In one BC2 game, SandyRavage stuck a tracer on another player's helmet, and the guy retaliated by body-blocking SandyRavage's RPG, resulting in an Epic Fail™ suicide. In another game, he creamed a guy with the skidoo by jumping off at max speed, letting the skidoo run over the guy as he crouched sniping on a small island. He eventually switched over to MW2 FFA. Some highlights: He won a FFA match on Skidrow using only the Beretta M9; playing games with the akimbo Desert Eagles and .44 Magnums; he dispensed some Booster Justice along the way, too, by targeting known boosting sites with the Javelin. He did have a couple epic MW2 Javelin fails: On Rust, he accidentally ran into the blast radius of his own missile; on Rundown, he fired the Javelin thru the 1 foot slit on the wall on the small elevated porch to the right-front of the Villa building. Instant giblets. On to the links:

Featured MW2 YouTube Video

TheSandyRavage: MW2 88-9 with
Tactical Knife/Killstreaks


Gameplay analysis with SasbenJR2

Myth Madness 2 of 21

by Defendthehouse

Most outrageous rip-off of CoD MW. Ever.
Seriously. WTF?

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