19 March 2010

Morning Vent, 19 March 2010

With a full stock riotgun, you can do a
butt-stroke melee strike.

    Feel a lot better today after yesterday's all day post-Saint Patrick's Day detox. A good thing, too, since it's gaming night. Matt64, Reibo and I hope to get an early start on the ass-kicking on Modern Warfare 2 around 2-3PM ET. (And I mean getting my ass kicked, not to mince any words.)
    I'm amazed this AM that yesterday's leaked MW2 DLC vid hasn't been yanked! If the vid had been on YouTube, it would have been removed, fer sure.
    Crash and Overgrown look largely unchanged on the low-rez vid (links go to CoD4 overheads, courtesy of the Guerrilla Warfare Society site). You can see that the gun emplacements now contain miniguns instead of the mounted SAW light machineguns found on the CoD4 versions of the two maps. The last map, Storm, looks interesting. A lot of interior spaces, vertical areas, and alleys on Storm. Watching the vid again, it has a real Downpour-like feel to it. I can't wait to play them, despite a nagging feeling that we might get another bunch of glitches/cheats found by the legion of wall-humping Timmies.

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