30 March 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 30 March 2010

    It's 0645 hours, and the Modern Warfare 2 DLC still hasn't hit Xbox Live Marketplace. Today's featured MW2 vid has some excellent gameplay with the silenced SCAR-H, using a 5-7-9 killstreak combo. On to the links:

     Infinity Ward forums: Fourzerotwo has vague details of the title update & DLC for today. Judging from this 402 tweet, only players in the Simulus playlists will get double XP. Everyone else apparently, will not. Doesn't seem quite fair, but maybe they'll change it.

    CVG: Infinity Ward: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 no threat to Modern Warfare online.

Featured MW2 YouTube Video

MW2 TDM Estate 41-4 Scar from
MW2 Commentators

Defendthehouse: Myth 11 of 21

    More Gaming Links:

Is the M60 overpowered?

No, it isn't. It's just right.

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