30 March 2010

Morning Vent, 30 March 2010

 The UMP .45 ACP carbine:
Almost as cool as her shades...

    One of the most stupefying things in the Modern Warfare 2 universe is the pervasiveness of cheating. The FFA matches are a haven for boosters busy off in a dark corner tactically inserting each other. How many legit 10th prestiges do you think there are, actually? I only know one on my friends list, and he's got a bajillion hours played. Every time I play MW2, I get at least one message offering me a chance to join a "10th Prestige Lobby" for 1600 Microsoft points. These jagoffs are spamming their recent players list trying to get free MS points or even soliciting payments thru PayPal! Of course, it's blatantly dishonest and a violation of the Xbox Live CoD and ToU. Many of these, of course, are doubly dishonest: The douchebag takes your points, then unfriends you, and changes his gamertag. Even more astounding (and, to me, hilarious) is the legion of bucketasses who are now crying to Xbox Live because they got scammed by a 10th Prestige Lobby cheater in just this way. Get it? They're complaining that they were cheated out of being able to be cheaters! Some are parents complaining that their offspring were denied the chance to become cheating douchbags!


Nicolas said...

I agree.

Joker961 said...

Thank you very much for reading and commenting! I appreciate it very much!

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