31 March 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 31 March 2010

    After all the problems Infinity Ward has had with Modern Warfare 2 glitching and cheating, you would think that extra attention would be paid to ensuring that the title update and the DLC were delivered seamlessly. Well, it was not to be. The DLC delivery on Xbox Live was the proverbial Mongolian clusterfuck. Someone at Xbox Live, it appears, was asleep at the switch, and a title update necessary for the roll out of the DLC wasn't released. The results were unplayable maps that looked like this:

Picture courtesy of 75design

     As this blog was being prepared the morning of 30 March, MajorNelson and TheVowel were updating on Twitter as Microsoft engineers tried to get things straightened out. It was 3:12 PM EST US before TheVowel tweeted that Xbox Live match-making had been fixed. As late as 6:40 PM EST, The Vowel reported that Xbox Live was experiencing account and billing issues, tho. Here's an overall rundown on the problem from Xbox Live's blog
    Content-wise, there already appears to be a rush to judgment. The Money Times has an article up alleging that a majority of players are dissatisfied with the new maps. Dubblejord, whose Salvage TDM YouTube video is linked below, says he found the map pack not worth the 1200 Microsoft points because they could only be played in the Bonus playlist. Today, Infinity Ward and Xbox Live are integrating the new maps into all playlists. And double XP will be extended to all playlists, as well. Perhaps that will sweeten folks' dispositions.

Doublejord Salvage TDM Gameplay

    On to the links:

Featured MW2 YouTube Video

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    More Gaming Links:

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    Non-Gaming Links:

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