24 March 2010

Morning Vent, 24 March 2010

Far from practical... But it's teh hot!

    A bit tired today. As luck would have it, after an excellent night's sleep the night before, last night I was very restless. After the morning chores are done, it's nap-time. I have a couple of errands to run this afterlunch, and I want to have a clear head when I do them. Still no gaming for me, tho Reibo did invite me to play with his crew during the evening. I was already in a snit about the abortive job fair, and my mood didn't improve as the evening progressed.
    Reading about Battlefield: Bad Company 2's multi-player, it appears there's a bit of a movement to nerf the M60 machine gun. It's overpowered, say the cry-babies. As far as I can tell, from the limited play time I had in the beta, the LMG is powerful, but not overpowered. Besides, the Medic class is the only one without any anti-armor capability. Why completely emasculate the class? But that's the cycle in games sometimes: Pussify the best guns to please the most vocal douchebags. The linked BC2 video for tomorrow's blog is chock full of complaints. (I almost reached through the screen Freddy Krueger style when the poster moaned about vehicles in World at War... )

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