24 March 2010

Call of Duty and Gaming Links, 24 March 2010

    No gaming last night, but I did stream quite a bit on Netflix. I even managed to stay awake for several episodes of South Park. ;) The biggest news yesterday was Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package preview on Inside Xbox Live. A YouTube version is linked directly below. The maps look really well made, with a lot of detail and variety. I'm committed already to buying them as a kind of second chance for Infinity Ward. If IW manages to release these maps without a bunch of cheating glitches, it'll make me very happy. On to the links:

MW2 Stimulus Map Pack Preview

Featured MW2 YouTube Video

Modern Warfare 2: Domination #7 - Afghan
by DubbleJord

Defendthehouse: Myth 7 of 21

    More Gaming Links:

    BASHandSlash: BFBC2: A new perspective.

Bad Company 2: M16 9 kill streak

YouTube: IGN Daily Fix for 23 March 2010 with
the luscious Jessica Chobot

    GamaSutra: Opinion: Doing It For The Kids - On UK TV's Latest Games Panic. Particularly delicious is the afternote that one of the most vehemant anti-gamers, voice actress and "sexpert" Julie Peasgood, performed in a violent videgogame herself.

Julie Peasgood, "Sexpert"
Nice cleavage, anyway...

 Gameplay United's Top 5 Plays (Multiple FPSes)

    Non-Gaming Links:

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