27 March 2010

Morning Vent, 27 March 2010

 Neither she nor the Uzi
is "mini".

    A beautiful sunny day here at the HQ. Needless to say, since it rained a bit, we lost the power for 2 hours. Might have been the wind knocking down a branch or two down the line. The broken pine branches are still kamikaziing down onto my Jeep from time to time. I moved a couple of major branches yesterday onto the roadside brush pile.
    Gaming day today! Matt64, Reibochief and I hope to get online around 3ish. Reibo's looking pretty weak right now after an all nighter on MW2. I could hear the choruses of "Bullshit!" all the way upstairs most of the night. I'm gonna resume recording stats, I guess. I have too much trouble remembering the sweet moments during games, few as they are. So, I'll print up a couple of sheets today to scribble on.
    I guess I'll plug in the Microsoft points for the MW2 DLC. No sense waiting till the last minute, like I usually do. :)

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